How it works - the process

The complexity of services varies greatly with the type of document, scope of work and the turnaround time required. The general process is as follows;

1. Email or call me with an outline of the job required and the deadline. State a preference for the flow of documents - i.e working on hard copy or soft copy, or giving me access to edit a website. If possible, send the original document to assist with scoping and fees.

2. I will come back to you with any clarifying questions and offer a quote (ideally in UK sterling or Australian dollars however please state your preference). I require written acceptance of the quote, and a deposit of 50% for large jobs.

3. I start work on the document. Generally I use standard proofreading marks that are used widely by editors and typesetters. For "layman" use this can be adapted. Questions and revisions will be emailed in pdf form (unless hard copy has been requested).

4. Services completed and final invoice issued. Payment required within 7 days by PayPal, or direct bank transfer on request.