Edit Write - Copywriting, Business Writing and Proofreading Services

Do you ever have trouble putting your ideas into writing?
Need to submit a business plan to the bank?
Procrastinating over writing that letter, pitch, report, tender, or making changes to your website?

Outsource what you're not good at! Save yourself time, effort and the risk of producing sloppy, unprofessional documents. It could win you that big client, grant, loan, or make a small business look highly professional, all for a small investment.

What sort of people need help with writing?

Most people! There are plenty of stories in the media about literacy rates, standards of written English, the detrimental effect of emails and text messaging, and on top of that there are people who are just not good at articulating their ideas in writing - particularly in formal documents such as business plans, reports, submissions. A badly written document makes a terrible first impression and can be a real deal-breaker, so why risk it?

Broadly, the people I help fit into these areas;

Small to Medium Businesses
Small business owners are typically great at sales, talking strategy, building relationships, generating ideas, but come to put these into writing and they struggle to find the time, resources or even the inclination to get it done. Worse still, they spend days or weeks writing and rewriting a document that makes a poor first impression on the reader - time that could have been spent making money. Does that sound like you?

Outsourcing writing projects is easy. After a short discussion with me about what you are trying to achieve, you offload the problem for around a few hundred dollars, and within a couple of days receive a first draft of your polished and professional document. We discuss any revisions needed and you get the final copy back in your inbox next day. In the meantime, you get to carry on doing what you're good at.

Examples of business documents you may need help with include business plans, presentations, business cases, reports, websites, tenders, submissions, advertising materials, sales letters, complaint letters, appeals, articles, emails, newsletters, employee communications, company profiles, manuals, policy and procedure documents.

As a chartered accountant with 13 years experience in big corporates, I ensure your documents are commercially focussed and tell the reader what he/she needs to know in order to make the right decision for your business.

If you are struggling with numbers for a business plan, business case or submission, I also offer assistance with basic profit and cashflow forecasts to be included and interpreted in your documents.

If you have put months or weeks into writing a dissertation, don't risk a lower grade by submitting a document that contains spelling or grammar mistakes, or doesn't quite get your argument across. I proofread dissertations for spelling and grammatical errors as well as offer advice on structure and flow of the document.

Non native English speakers
Whether you are a student, business owner, or just need help with your resume and cover letter, I can assist in giving your documents the vocabulary and phrasing of a native speaker.

Even people who love writing need help sometimes! When you revise your own writing several times you become blind to your own mistakes, so need a fresh pair of eyes before submitting your work to an important critic, such as an editor.
I proofread novels and scripts for spelling and grammatical errors, continuity, repetition and formatting.