My services

Below are some examples of the services I offer. All jobs are discussed upfront to ensure the scope of work and fees are agreed.

Financial documents

As a chartered accountant and with thirteen years experience writing and correcting business documents, I specialise in proofreading financial documents. This service includes the core proofreading offering such as spellings, punctuation and grammar, in addition to;
  • Checking figures in tables add up to the totals
  • Checking all numbers referred to in the main body are consistent with numbers in tables, and are consistently used within the text
  • Checking sub-tables agree to tables
  • Checking financial terminology is used correctly
  • Checking graphs, tables, appendices are labelled correctly and referenced correctly in the text.

Websites are often riddled with spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. While you may focus on the visual impact of your website, readers and prospective clients may be put off by "sloppy" spelling and use of English. In just a few hours I can correct spellings and grammar, and ensure your website looks professional and is easy to read. In addition I can test a website is user-friendly by ensuring all hyperlinks are as described and lead the reader to the correct location with minimum clicks. 

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For hotels and tour operators my hourly rate can sometimes be forgone in exchange for free/ discounted accommodation or tour. 

Before you send your advertising copy to the printers, consider the impact and cost of mistakes. Spelling and punctuation errors look sloppy and unprofessional, and may put your potential customers off. Errors in contact details, prices, offer dates etc will cost you business and may mean you have to spend money reprinting. For just one or two hours work I can help to ensure your documents are professional and error free.

Menus and signboards
Before spending money on producing menus or a signboard, make sure it doesn't contain mistakes! Small jobs such as this can take less than an hour, which means low cost but giving you a more professional look, attracting discerning customers. My hourly rate can sometimes be swapped for a free meal!

Books and longer documents
I currently prefer to proofread rather than edit longer documents, however happy to discuss scope of work. I can offer a quick turnaround in correcting spelling, grammar and punctuation as well as general comments on consistency and continuity within the book (i.e character names, use of headings, technical terms included in glossary) and general guidance on use of English (long, unwieldy sentences, change in style, tone or tense, etc).

English as a Second Language
If English is your second language and you have written an essay, dissertation, manuscript etc I can correct your grammar and use of English to ensure your document flows as though written by a native speaker. Additional structural editing advice optional.
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